Colman's Mustard Powder, 16 Oz Can
Colman's Mustard Powder, 16 Oz Can

Colman's Mustard Powder, 16 Oz Can

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The Colman's Double Superfine Mustard Powder is a pre-prepared blend of brown and white mustard seeds. Perfect for making vinaigrettes, salad dressings, sauces, and spice rubs, this mustard powder has a zesty flavor.

Colman's Mustard Powder. Colman’s dates back to 1814, making it one of the oldest existing food brands. Tagged the not so mellow yellow, Colman’s English Mustard has enjoyed a long and successful history in the U.S. Colman’s is best known for their dry mustard in the distinctive yellow and red tin but also offers a prepared range of mustards. With a unique kick, like no other mustard on the shelf, Colman’s has become a staple in every kitchen. Colman's Mustard Powder is a wonderful spicy compliment to all kinds of food. Mix up just enough for a serving each time to guarantee freshness. Produced in Great Britain.  Colman's Mustard Powder, One 1 Lb  Can.


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