Chef-mate Golden Cheddar Cheese Sauce, 6 lb 10 oz Tin

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Chef-mate Golden Cheddar Cheese Sauce, 6 lb 10 oz Tin.  A smooth, mild, rich and scrumptious cheese sauce that boasts one of the highest cheese contents in the industry.  Made with real cheddar cheese with no artificial flavors. Use as a base for mac & cheese and soups, or serve over potatoes and vegetables.

Chef-mate Golden Cheddar Cheese Sauce is delicious served over everything from vegetables and baked potatoes to pasta and hamburgers. Can even use it as a base for soups or to create baked entrees and mac and cheese. Unlike canned competitors, Chef-mate products are Cooked Before Canning under pressure to avoid scorching and boiling, preventing tinny or canned flavor and preserving all the distinctive flavors, textures and colors of Chef-mate's premium ingredients. Packed in an easy-to-stack, shelf stable #10 can, Chef mate Golden Cheddar Cheese Sauce is ready to eat with superior steam table holding time of 8 hours. Refrigerate unused portions. Chef-mate. Quality for over 50 years. True food. Not fussy. Not trendy. Good-eating food with honest flavor and genuine value, true to who you are and what your customers want. Quality that recognizes your need for tastier, easier, faster, better. Authentic, reliable Chef-mate.
Chef-mate, a culinary brand of Nestle Professional, is dedicated to perfecting flavor so chefs can serve the perfect plate, every time. Produced in the USA.  Refrigerate after opening.


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