Castello Gouda Cheese Crisps, Case of Twelve 2.1 Oz Bags

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Castello Gouda Cheese Crisps, Case of Twelve 2.1 Oz Bags.  Castello uses only high quality cheese blocks to produce the cheese crisps. This results in a thicker, crunchier, high-quality crisp!   100% real cheese. Bold, nutty, artisanal gouda cheese slow-baked to deliver a savory, crispy and crunchy snack. Pair with soup, salad, or enjoy the right from the bag! Crisps naturally vary in color as part of the baking process. RBST-free. Suitable for vegetarians. Naturally gluten free.

Ingredients:  Pasteurized Part-Skim Milk, Salt, Culture, Enzymes, Annatto (Color).

Since 1893, Castello has brought a balance of innovation and tradition to the art of cheese making. This is also true of Castello cheese crisps. 

Step 1: Cheese is cubed from a block of CASTELLO all-natural cheese 

Step 2: Cheese is baked 

That’s it!


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