Cacao Barry Extra Brute 22/24% Dutched Cocoa Powder. 2.2 LB(1Kg) Bag

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Cacao Barry Extra Brute 22/24% Dutched Cocoa Powder. 2.2 LB(1Kg) Bag.  Craft premium desserts and beverages with rich, decadent chocolate flavor using this Cacao Barry high fat 22/24% dutched cocoa powder. The super-fine texture of this cocoa powder blends effortlessly into recipes for a smooth, lump-free consistency. The alkalized formula features a balanced pH between 7.6 and 8.2 for a mellow flavor and a deep, dark color that sets it apart from regular cocoa powder. Use it to add robust chocolate flavor to your products without the additional sugar or moisture content that results from baking with solid chocolate for a pure, authentic chocolate taste that won't impact the texture of your recipes.

Recognized by top chefs as one of the best cocoa powders in the world for decades, Extra Brute is the must-have ingredient for all your recipes.

With its vibrant reddish-brown hues, this superior extra fine cacao powder is distinguished by its balanced dark chocolate taste enhanced by spicy flavors. A touch of woody notes contributes to the overall harmony of this 100% cacao ingredient.  Ingredients:  Cocoa powder, acidity regulator: E 501i

Made from sustainably sourced finest quality West African beans, Extra Brute’s very high fat content makes it a high-performing dutched (alkalized) cacao powder providing a smooth texture.

Ideal for coloring, texturing and flavoring your recipes: brownie, cake, muffin, cookie, sorbets & ice-cream, viennoiserie, desserts, spread, dairy & drinks, glaze, doughnuts, etc..  Direct Trade, Kosher Pareve, Non-GMO, Soy Free.  A product of France.


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