Busha Browne's Traditional Jerk Seasoning Rub, 4 oz
Busha Browne's Traditional Jerk Seasoning Rub, 4 oz

Busha Browne's Traditional Jerk Seasoning Rub, Five 4 oz. Glass Jars

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The authentic Jamaican seasoning.
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The story of Busha Browne is a fascinating introduction to Jamaica's authentic 'Jerk' seasonings and sauces. Used all over the world to season, excite and flavor meats, poultry and seafood, the taste is legendary among culinary palates everywhere. Busha Browne's Jerk Seasoning is the authentic, hot spicy seasoning paste especially compounded for the "jerking" of meat or fish. Used prudently prior to the barbecuing, this seasoning will provide the most pungent flavor and an absolutely irresistible aroma.

What is Jamaican Jerk? Jerk is a style of cooking native to Jamaica in which meats (traditionally pork, but now including chicken, fish and sometimes even tofu) are dry-rubbed with a fiery spice mixture (called Jamaican jerk sauce) and then cooked in a pit, on a grill or on an open fire (an oven will do in a pinch). Jerk refers to the technique, the spice mixture, and the finished product. This method of cooking dates back to the Carib-Arawak Indians who inhabited Jamaica. The results are excellent. The meat is not only wonderfully spiced, but moist and tender. The term jerk is said to come from the word charqui, a Spanish term for jerked or dried meat, which eventually became jerky in English. Another origin is linked to the jerking or poking of the meat with a sharp object, producing holes which were then filled with the spice mixture. Product of Jamaica. 

Busha Browne's Traditional Jerk Seasoning Rub is sold in a pack of five(5) glass jars with net 4 oz each.


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