Black Jewell Microwave Butter Popcorn, Case of 6 -Three Packs

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Black Jewell Premium Microwave Butter Popcorn, 3-Count, 10.5-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6).  Butter microwave popcorn has a very tender, yet crunchy texture and a far superior taste compared to the common yellow popcorn varieties that of other microwave popcorns. Taste this unique popcorn for yourself to see how truly delicious, a product of the USA.  Kosher. non-GMO Verified. Less hull than other micro popcorn  Crispy and crunchy texture  Black popcorn always pops white.  Black Jewell Premium Microwave Butter Popcorn is sold in a case pack of six(6) 3-packs.  18 total microwave pouches.


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