Beessential Sulfate Free Peppermint and Tea Tree Shampoo -Six-8 Oz Bottles

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Medley of refreshing botanical extracts
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 Beessential Peppermint and Tea Tree Shampoo, Six  8 Oz Bottles.

This awesome Sulfate- Free daily shampoo adds volume and body to fine hair without stripping  or  build-up. Bessential  formulated this shampoo with natural peppermint essential oils to give your scalp a refreshing buzz and invite the follicles of your hair to be revitalized. Also, is the added benefit of tea tree which has been known for its dandruff controlling properties.

  • Medley of refreshing botanical extracts
  • The best Natural Ingredients - Paraben Free, SLS Free, GMO free, Gluten Free, Alcohol free, PEG free - never tested on animals and Made in the USA. Beekeeper Made. Beekeeper approved.
  • Volumizing with the power of Protein,Yarrow Root, and Stinging Nettle 
  • Conditioning Shampoo
  • Tea Tree and Peppermint have know dandruff fighting properties
  • Revitalizing vitamins enhance radiance and shine
  • Honey attracts moisture
  • Made in Ohio USA!


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