Barilla Medium Conchiglie Rigati Pasta Shell, Case of Two 0 Lb Bags-- 20 Lbs of Pastae

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 Barilla Medium Conchiglie Rigati Pasta Shell, 10 Pound -- Case of Two 10 Lb Bags, 20 Lbs Total.   Made from superior durum wheat; known to cook perfectly; holds shape and texture for more consistency and less waste; resists sticking, clumping and breaking.   

Low Glycemic Index, keeping you fuller, longer, Enriched with Iron and B Vitamins, Made with Non-GMO Ingredients. 

  • Vegetarian
  • Lactose Free
  • Peanut Free
  • Made in USA

For generations, Barilla has aspired to be more than a food producer we are an ambassador for the authentic Italian culinary experience. For authentic regional pasta dishes, Barillas classic pasta shapes stand up to your most rigorous foodservice applications while enhancing your reputation for mouthwatering Italian cuisine. You will find the superior performance and premium quality you expect from Barilla - and the authentic taste and texture that will keep your patrons coming back for more. Barilla Pasta delivers remarkable quality and flavor that exceeds expectations. 

Barilla Item # 440093

 UPC 076808039313 

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