Bar Harbor Lobster Bisque
Bar Harbor Lobster Bisque

Bar Harbor Lobster Bisque, 10.5 Oz Cans (Pack of 6)

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Bar Harbor Lobster Bisque, 10.5 Ounce (Pack of 6). Bar Harbor Foods sits on a picturesque wharf on a beautiful sheltered cove in Downeast Maine. The cries of gulls echo across the water; the tide laps against pilings as the tie lines of the fishing boats stretch and creak in the sun and fog. This is where we make our premium specialty seafood – fresh off the docks of Maine. While the business has expanded and changed over the past 85 years, Downeast Maine still inspires all our products.

These premium foods reflect naturally delicious New England cuisine and authentic Maine traditions. We like to keep things simple, from original recipes and fresh natural ingredients, to the appealing simplicity of our labels. Our specialty seafood and other fine foods are made in small batches and packed and canned mostly by hand, just like people on the coast of Maine have been doing for generations. Bar Harbor is a special place – you can taste it! Bar Harbor Lobster Bisque is sold in a case pack of six(6) cans with net 10.5 oz each.

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