ZIP SAUCE, 12 Oz Glass Bottles- 6 Pack

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Served in the finest restaurants for over 60 years. Just add butter
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Zip Sauce Steak Sauce, The Original Au Jus ZIPSAUCE  -  6 Pack of  12 Oz  Glass Bottles. The Original Zip Sauce, known as a steak eaters’ steak sauce, has been a restaurant favorite for over 60 years! The ultimate steak au jus. Not just for steak anymore, it is used as a dipping sauce for many things! Not just a steak sauce, use it in stir fry, hamburgers, fish and vegetables, and it’s 100% vegetarian. A Michigan product. Contains soy. Served in the finest restaurants for over 60 years

  • Just add butter
  • Add a little zip to your life

"Zip Sauce came to life in the 1940s in the kitchen of Lelli’s Inn, an Italian restaurant in Detroit. The butter-based steak sauce became so popular among customers that word of it quickly spread, and soon copycat sauces were cropping up in neighboring restaurants.", America's Test Kitchen, By Eden Faithfull, Published Apr. 12, 2022

The Original ZIP SAUCE, is sold in a pack of six(6) glass bottles with net 12 Oz each.


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